The Self-Care Artistry Signature


A Movement creating powerful Mid-Life Mojo Moments in relationships, future desires and spiritual development…one Self-Care Artist at a time.


A tribe accessing the most powerful, leading-edge tools, conversations and spaces for Self-Care Artistry transformations that create quantum global shifts of love for self and others.                                       “Together we weave a Love Train”

linda-crawfordCoaching women in mid-life who want to live an ecstatic life and be supported in it when it comes to the Art of Self-Care – the heart of it all.  

Coaching and Creative Outlets that shine light on: Divorce, Relationships, Menopause, Goals, Inner Growth/Spirituality Sexuality, Boundaries, Aging & Transition.

Ready to turn your life ON?

To come out from behind the curtain of invisibility, and stand for something that matters and permission to Dream again. 

Brave women experience change and transformation every single time.   

Whether plugging into an online/live seminar or keynote, a one on one Solution Based coaching session, or taking part in one of our Self-Care Artistry retreats, profound and deep transformations occur.   Clients become Artists of Self-Love through their on-going commitment to a much broader vision of Self-Care.    

Courageous women supported in exploring deeper desires inside safe outlets for permission to be vulnerable, authentic and connected to what matters and is meaningful as Self-Care Artists emerge and are revealed.

And by saying YES  – you automatically become part of supporting our Global Family through One Red Bead project as a portion of each sale of signature programs supports our efforts!

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs is more people who have come alive” -H Thurman

Ready to join the movement of Self-Care Artistry?  It’s your moment…go ahead and choose your mid-life Mojo and make a difference today!

If you would like to love every minute of your life, I invite you to check out the testimonials about my work or go directly to the Contact page and schedule a 30-minute complimentary session.

“The BEST investment a woman will make is in herself because she’s Worth It” –

Linda Crawford

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