The Linda Crawford Approach


linda-crawfordBottom Line:  I work with women who choose to live an EPIC life and be supported in it when it comes to Self-Care.  As women we’re dynamic and we don’t just talk about ONE thing – I’m talking about the whole WOMAN – The clients that work with me experience change and transformation every single time.    As Master of Ceremonies in providing a safe space and high vibrational energy through leading a workshop/retreat,  facilitating a one on one session, guiding a traditional ceremony, or teaching a class,  I facilitate profound and deep transformation.    

Courageous women practiced in living their saturated good life join me in exploring their deeper desire, crisis or problem and in it self- expression, foresight and insight happen not through imposing something on them but by providing a container for an even newer sense of self found in being vulnerable as TRUTH.  No matter the venue my intention and desire facilitates candid and provocative conversations, themes, topics and issues that matter to women who recognize their own leadership in living an awesome life through commitment to self-care.  

I believe you have the power to be your own Guru in understanding the powerful forces of navigating your energy and being real, raw and honest as you continue to live and love the life you desire.  

Something beautiful is waking-up in you and sometimes not knowing how to mid-wife our own evolution in times of doubt, transition and change can feel overwhelming.  Allow our process together to be the catalyst for the next phase of the BEST version of YOU.  Mentorship, Coaching and Support in circles of like-minded powerful women like yourself have always been key ingredients to on-going nourishment.  


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“The BEST investment a woman will make is in herself because she’s Worth It” –

Linda Crawford

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