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My years as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, Healer, Dancer, Instructor and Speaker, empowering women to “Step Into Their Greatness” the moment they say YES to themselves around Self-Care has always felt like a calling. Inspiring women in their “mid-life” years ready to Step out from behind the curtain and live their lives front and centre with a little help and support.

Whether managing a household of children, navigating major life transitions such as a divorce, career, a move or your own business – committing to  Self-Care Artistry becomes your calling.

Helping you live an ecstatic life by facilitating powerful Solution based coaching(on-line, Skype and in person), retreats, a Radio Show and workshops all designed to meet you where you are, find out what you need and provide outlets so your life feels aligned with your highest values as a Self-Care Artist.

My deepest passion lies in working with women in a fun, spirited and transformative process to awaken the fire of  body, mind and spirit.

Are wanting to create more vitality, aliveness, laughter and wholeness in your day to day life?

Do you want to feel more present, connected and free because you know your Self-Care needs are being met?

Do you believe your commitment to Self-Care is a key to greater success in your relationships, business, in life, in parenting?

Are you looking for more fulfilling and meaningful relationships?

Are you ready to be supported and guided in your future goals and desires?

Do you want a sacred space to witness your own inner growth and spiritual development?

Are you wanting to contribute to something meaningful in our Global Family through One Red Bead Project?

My passion is empowering women to put SELF back into CARE with ease and inspiration.

Are you ready to join in the movement of Self-Care Artistry and turn your Mojo ON all while making a difference?

Sessions can be done face-to-face, by phone or by Skype.  Please contact me for any personal queries.

A toast to exciting times ahead.

In Total LOVE,







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