Creating as a Self-Care Artist – Masterheart Journey…


6 Bold Courageous Women Ready
to SAY YES to Living Life FULL ON.

This 6 month Masterheart journey is for you IF:

*Self-love is a top priority for you and you see the value in it and looking for a supportive structure to catapult your results.

*You want to experience first hand what living in your true power feels like in this lifetime and be bold and confident in it.

*You believe in your heart that something BIGGER is waiting to emerge and reveal itself for you and that time is NOW.

*You believe your commitment to Self-Care will expand and ripple into your home, your parenting, your intimate relationships, your community, your biz, your sexuality, your finances and into the world.

*You are ready, willing and full ON able to say YES to taking inspired action NOW to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

*You want to be surrounded by a powerhouse intimate group of women who are like-minded and unwavering in their commitment to rise themselves and others.

*You want to support our Global Family and One Red Bead project

This is NOT for you IF:

*You are looking for a quick fix solutions for weight loss, self-care and wellness.  This is for people getting it’s a journey much deeper than that for them.

* You do not believe in the value of support and have it all figured out.

*You are happy around your level of commitment and choices around Self-Care and getting outstanding results and see nowhere else to grow from there.

*You see this as a cost to you rather than an investment in yourself and the quality of your life.

*You are a drainer, depleted, love to complain, bitch and whine and looking to be fixed.

What does the Creating as a Self-Care Artist include:

*6 Months of FULL ON support around Self-Care Artistry to the next level – Starts in January-June, 2016

*Monthly Training calls on topics that matter and are meaningful to women – Via Skype (Calls recorded if you cannot make it) –

*Monthly Group Coaching – Via Skype – Last Tuesday of every month

*Member Only-Forum

*3- 30 Minute Powerhouse One on One Coaching Sessions with Linda

*The invitation to come to Bali

Over our journey together we’ll uncover and reveal:

*I’m meant for more yet feeling a huge gap between where you are an where you want to be.  How to get there, gain clarity and support you in manifesting exactly what this looks like for you.

*Getting clearer of the ways you have been sabotaging yourself by giving your power away that keeps you unfulfilled, unsure, confused and not making progress as you’d like.

*The 6 Specific areas around self-care that are CRITICAL to waking up to harness your true authentic power.

*Why setting clear boundaries is critical to avoid other peoples stuff, dramas etc that have you missing out on what’s important.

I am very passionate about supporting and empowering women to put Self back in front of Care with ease and inspiration.  To support her in being more gentle with her heart and yet feel her fearless confidence at the core of her being.


Self Care Artistry heart with website


You will discover exactly what you’ll experience in our time together in our Masterheart, the travel, the upleveling to go to Bali, connections you will make within a sisterhood of feminine women.

You will understand how you will achieve a high level of deeper and more meaningful experiences around themes for Self-Care Artistry that are front and centre for women and feel a greater commitment in that arena less from should and obligation but steeped instead in ease, simplicity, gratitude, love and acceptance.

Creating as a Self-Care Artist  4697.00 +gst with Bali OR 1597.00 +gst without Bali

Or Enjoy the Virtual Luxurious Spa Experience from the comfort of your home for 197.00 +gst

To get started today with “Creating as a Self-Care Artist” – email with subject line “Creating a Self-Care Artist” and you will be forwarded the initial intake forms or call 1-780-975-6588 to discuss how to get started.

AND Click the link below to get your payment in to get this journey started:

Aweber 2See you on the other side.


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