“Linda is a wonderful coach, she really notices who you are and connects to you on a deep level.  I had the pleasure of working with Linda and the conversations I had with her made me reach beyond what I knew I could achieve. She helped me to think about my self care and assisted me to generate a new plan for my life. I’m grateful for working with such an inspiring woman and I highly recommend her as a coach.”
Lyony Ozephius – Life Coach – Netherlands
“I have had the pleasure of Coaching with Linda over the last month. She has a natural ability to make me feel comfortable and safe sharing some of my deepest concerns and that’s just what I needed in a Coach. Her warm presence and non – judgemental personality allowed me to open up and her skillful questions helped me get the answers I needed.  I never felt rushed and she always gave me the space I needed when she sensed I was nearly at my answer. I highly recommend her as a Coach for whatever you need!  **I highly recommend her for Coaching as she is highly skilled in many areas and she will without a doubt guide you to the answers you are looking for” – Jennifer Smith-West Coast

“Thank you so much for the mind changing weekend, I really did not expect to gain this much knowledge and love from your WEEKEND,
thank you, now I am going to take the light and bring it to the world and live my life to it’s fullest. Thank you.”
~ Reagan Or

“WOW….that pretty much says it all! I believe that I co-create my life with the guidance of the universe and my intuition. I attended the Live Weekend Seminar this January 2011 and that is where I met Linda Crawford. I did not have an outcome for this seminar or any expectations, all I knew was I was there for a reason. I have been to many different workshops but never one quite like this one, and I believe what made it so unique is Linda. She has such a passion for her life’s work, which is evident in her words and more importantly her actions. The love, support, compassion, patience, vulnerability and encouragement she gave to everyone is world class! She showed up being authentic and transparent which allowed me to discover the reason I was guided to be a part of this seminar at this exact moment in time. She taught me it is safe to be vulnerable, by creating an environment that allowed me to trust and be open to giving and receiving. Linda you are one of my angels on my life’s path and I am so grateful for the gifts you gave me and I receive them with open arms.”
~ With Gratitude, Melissa Lam, Calgary, AB

“Thanks again for the amazing weekend.I loved the honesty and the willingness to be in the moment. Unexpected, enlightening and heartfelt. I will definitely be watching for your next creation.”
~ Keith

“Linda Crawford is HEART and SOUL coupled with COMPASSION and TRUTH! She shines her authentic light and others are instantly at ease with shining their’s. Thank you Linda, you have enriched my life!”
~ Sherri Stokes, Founder and CEO of Oasis Within

“Linda’s authenticity has inspired me to risk and push myself to new heights of emotional freedom. My experience with her has allowed me to see new possibilities and opportunities for me to enrich my relationships, health and career.”
~ Joe Sanford

“I wanted to thank you for facilitating from Heart and not from the head. That was the reason for an amazing weekend of spontaneous unfolding of expressions, communication and interactions from All participants.

You didn’t force people to comply with and conform to your agenda, every body felt free to be who they are and say and do as they were comfortable. AND PS I loved your choice of music!”
~ Thank you, Vahedeh

“Dear Linda: I just want to thank you for sharing YOUR bright, bright light with me and all of the friends I made at the Live Seminar you delivered last weekend. I am still in awe by all that happened, but I am also very strong in my commitment to my self to “Love myself, every moment of every day”, “Live in the moment” and “Keep my promises to myself”, which includes my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. I loved the self-care you shared with us and it has made me realize that I need to dance more and worry less. In fact, I have come to realize that by living in the moment, I have no regrets about the past and no worries about the future. Quite simply, I am free to be me.

I am now free to love myself and have faith in myself and the Spiritual Powers that guide me, knowing that I CAN achieve my purpose and goals in life. Prior to the seminar, I was struggling to come up with the words to define my personal mission in life, but during one of the powerful meditation sessions that you shared with us, the words came through, loud and clear: “My only purpose is to be kind and loving.” Those words are what guide me, now, and by participating in your Seminar, I now know that I also need to include being kind to myself and loving myself, as much as others, knowing beyond knowing that we all struggle to overcome our self-doubts and fears, so I am not alone. But also knowing that we all have the power to love ourselves and to succeed in making the most wonderful life possible for ourselves and our loved ones.

And so I am very grateful to you for your positive healing energy, your kind loving words and your intuitive knowing that helped me to discover what was fueling my self-doubt and loathing and finally get beyond it. I will definitely recommend your workshop to everyone I know, including my own daughter, who is likely struggling with the same issues I struggled with, since she grew up with me.”
~ In love & gratitude, Arlene Seegerts. Kind Loving Woman, Mother, Grandmother & Teacher

“My Personal Best Weekend seminar with Linda Crawford was completely and incredibly awe inspiring! Her infectious enthusiasm and intuitive prompting assisted me in removing old inhibitions thus helping me really truly understand my underlying motivations. This facilitated the alignment of my goal and desires with my authentic self. This in turn gave me the ability to find real purpose in my life – reinforced in the here and now by performing the many hands on exercises Linda led us through. Thank you so much Linda for your generous giving of self and soul. I am so grateful for the light you put out into the world. Thank you and keep up the great work that you do!”
~ Kim Masse, PB1 Grad.

“Linda, thank you for a surprising weekend of movement, both physical and emotional. I had not expected the combination of previously well-stuffed in and crusted crap to be released so dramatically and eloquently. This is a well-timed and well-loved gift. Thank you.”
~ Nesters

“The experience that I had in a workshop with Linda Crawford was absolutely life-changing. She has a beautiful gift of being enthusiastic & encouraging, but soft & accepting simultaneously. Her energy and spirit created passion and excitement in the room. I could feel her honesty and authenticity shine through the experience. The course would not have been the same without her. She created an allowance for vulnerability and inspiration to poor into the room. I am so thankful to have had the experience of Linda Crawford. She is not only an amazing facilitator, but an amazing woman.”
~ Jace

“I really enjoyed the week-end with Linda. The entire week-end seemed to be a very free flowing environment, where a whole lot of things were explored with such care and compassion. Linda is an incredible facilitator willing to show up and share her own experiences and vulnerabilities. My feeling was that Linda showing up and being her authentic self, allowed everyone in the room to feel comfortable in letting down their walls and expressing what was truly in their hearts and souls.”
~ Take-care, Marnel

“My experience of a weekend with Linda is a very moment to moment, let’s deal with what’s going on right now, move through it, flowing through the agenda or purpose for the event. The goal of this weekend I spent with Linda was to be clear on three important “resolutions” for the year. I have clearly stated them, think them, share them with others and experience support and more clarity from the practice of continued focus every day at a time, every moment at a time. On Sunday, day 3 of the weekend, I had the opportunity to bring in my guitar and play the “happy birthday” song for the first time ever to two lovely people in the group of 32 who by chance had their birthday on that day….and with the encouragement of Linda twice suggesting she’d like to hear me play some more/sing some more, I did. This has been a lifelong dream of mine come true: to confidently and comfortably sing and play songs with a group of people….my experience up until that Sunday was to experience playing guitar and singing as a private, spiritual connection with God. To open up and share this joy with others turned a vulnerability and fear into an emotionally moving rewarding gift. I was not judged, but appreciated and as I had fun with the music, others received pleasure, peace and reflection time with self. It was awesome; thank you Linda for facilitating this creation.”
~ Veronica

“After years of trying and failing in the areas of health, I found myself in a class with Linda Crawford. Three days with this incredible gift of being has not only been life changing but for the first time I feel hopeful that I can make the changes I need to have a lifestyle transformation rather than a results driven life. I can’t express the gratitude I have to Linda, her knowledge, love, support, and energy is one of a kind :)”
~ Joleen Bateman

“Linda Crawford is an inspiration to humankind. She is a breath of life and love. Her knowledge is abundant when it comes to living life healthy and positive. Being in her presence has given me the motivation to take the steps I need to be the BEST me I can be.”
~ Jana Hamm

“I love being in the company of Linda. Her energy is infectious! She truly embodies what it means to be living our best lives. In Linda’s presence I see, feel and believe its possible to love myself, live an active life with physical goals and challenges, be an awesome mom, nourish myself with life giving foods and choose confidence, empowerment and health. Thank you LInda for being a model and showing us its possible to have it all!! I love you…”
~ Andrea Caraca-Hart

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