Being a Self-Care Artist – LIVE 2 Day Weekend

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“The most powerful relationship  you will ever have is the relationship with yourself” – Steve Maraboli

The Being a Self-Care Artist LIVE weekend workshop is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge, skills and huge inspiration alongside other great Souls to get you started on your journey towards optimal health and freedom. The intention of the weekend is to launch you on your journey with the confidence, support, knowledge, and clarity to assist you in being committed to Self Care and creating the results you desire.

We will cover topics such as commitment to self, desire, body-image, nourishment, meditation, goal/vision setting, and support. We explore in this very engaging and experiential journey the role of your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours as it pertains to health and wellness and leading your life as a Self-Care Artist.

Prepare to get active, engaged and inspired! We will cover the how’s, what’s and why’s of the artistry of being, living and creating as Self-Care Artists. You will learn the basics and get hands and hearts on experience exploring through a variety of fun and different activities and exercises that will take your learning to a whole other level.

We encourage you to invite the loved ones in your life.  Our lifestyle and it’s success is enhanced when we surround ourselves with like-minded people who GET IT and want the same things.  Invite your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, your mother, your daughter, your best friend.  You will be delighted you did.  And will leave with the most colourful palette of tools, strategies, friends, insights, resources than ever before.

More than just about shedding fat and gaining muscle mass, the Living as a Self-Care Artist weekend teaches you how to shed limiting beliefs, thoughts, ideas and patterns that are holding you back from gaining and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit for LIFE!  The Artist in you emerges with grace.

Here are some testimonials from past participants:

“It is with immense and heartfelt gratitude that I am writing to you to thank you for being the authentic YOU, to facilitating the most transformational weekend I have ever attended.  Your zest for life, your honesty and absolute transparency, and your dedication to Self-Care Artistry makes you an unbelievable role model to everyone in your presence.  You are a shiny diamond extra-ordinaire.  I am SO excited to live my life with so many more tools available to me now as a Self-Care Artist” – CS

“I am so happy I purchased and committed to this weekend as a new mom with a little one at home.  I almost decided not to come and SO grateful I listened to my little voice that said “GO”.  It felt good to be part of what felt like an instant community and offered so many tools, and resources and to be reminded time and again that’s it’s totally OK to put me first once in a while.” – JM

“I chose to do this for a second time and it was powerful beyond measure and exactly what I needed.  I can feel I will be the change I truly want in my life in a SUSTAINABLE AND CONSISTENT WAY” – DS

“I realize how important it is to listen to my own body and treat it like the temple it is.  This course has been such an incredible experience and I am so proud that I was part of it for SO many reasons.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ready, willing and committed to the art of Self-Care.  The teachers were a wealth of knowledge, understanding, compassionate and a real burst of energy”. – TS

“What really spoke to me about this weekend was not only was it fun and engaging and they walk the talk but that no one was left behind – we started the journey together and finished it with a bang!” – GD

Other pertinent Details:

NEXT Weekend Dates are: Fall 2015 – TBA

Saturday – 9:30am-6:00pm (End time is approximate)

Sunday – 9:30-5:00pm (End time is approximate)

Fee: 199.00+gst OR Bring a friend, lover, spouse, daughter, mother, aunt, brother or sister and each pay 149.00+gst OR if finances is a concern you can pay what you can POST the full weekend workshop (A minimum donation of 50) please email

What to Bring:

Journal and Pen

Water Bottle

Snacks (There will be lunch break both days)

Yoga mats and Meditation cushion

Comfortable clothing

Open heart and Mind

Anything else that will nourish you.

What you can expect to leave with post this weekend:

*New friends

*Inspiration and Transformational

*A whole new Self-Care ARTistry toolbox full of goodies, resources you can apply immediately!

*Clarity and Purpose

*Guarantee of a truly magical experience and journey…(100% Money Back guarantee if you do the entire weekend and provide in writing why it did not meet your standards)

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Excited to SEE you on the other side.

“Your Greatest treasure hides behind your self-loathing.  Love it out of hiding” – Pamela Miles

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